Monday, October 29, 2012

Homemade Potpourri

My husband and I just moved into a REALLY old house. It is a tiny little thing; with one bedroom and one bathroom. Sometimes old houses have kind of a musty smell... and this house seriously smells weird. In an effort to change the smell in here I decided to try making some stovetop potpourri. I found this recipe via Pinterest and have just returned from the grocery store with my ingredients. 

My Favorite Potpourri Recipe
1 lemon cut in fourths
1 apple cut in fourths
1 orange cut in fourths
2 or 3 cinnamon sticks
Water to cover
Place in a pan and simmer.

      I obviously chose this recipe because it was her favorite potpourri. The site has quite a few recipes that are more elaborate, but I'm a simple girl (ahem... lazy) so I just sort of skimmed over the ones with more ingredients. 

When I was telling my husband all about my new project he was curious to know the actual definition of potpourri ( he was being a turd and felt like teasing me ;P ) and the results were quite interesting.

  1. A mixture of dried petals and spices.
  2. A mixture of things, esp. a musical medley.

What we discovered is that anyone could say that basically any mixture is potpourri. :)

Pot Pourri - Herbert James Draper

Isn't this painting lovely? I wish I looked this beautiful while making my potpourri. (which I still can't smell?) I stumbled upon it while looking up photos of potpourri. 

 We'll see how this turns out... so far I haven't smelled a thing, but it's still heating up. Do I stir potpourri? Did I cut the fruit correctly? All the pictures I saw looked like this.


What are some of your favorite potpourri smells? Do you make it yourself, or buy it pre-made? I hope my first blog post was informative and inspiring!! :)


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