Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Pup

     Dogs are seriously hard work. My husband and I just adopted a one year old Boxer/Pitt Bull mix, and we have been tired and slightly grumpy ever since. Good thing we decided on a dog instead of a baby! hahaha...... kidding??
     Now for the introduction. This is Atticus. He has an adorable over-bite and always begging eyes. He has a food allergy with an undetermined cause, but Chaun and I think that once we start feeding him Orijen, he will be forever cured. (hopefully!) Atticus came from a loving home with three other dogs, but this owners just moved and couldn't have pets over 60lbs. I am pretty sure he's under 60lbs right now, but he is just a baby and will grow.

     Neither Chaun or I have ever had a dog of our own. Chaun's parents have had many dogs, and my dad has had hunting dogs, but neither of us has had a dog that was our sole responsibility. I have dreamed of having a pack of dogs and fostering dogs and yada yada yada, but boy! It is harder to do than I realized.
    We love our new pup very much..... and are working on introducing him to the kitties. Hopefully they will become best buds soon!

You can't really see Chaun or Atticus in this one, but the fall colors sure are beautiful!